Pascal van Leishout
"As Chair, I am privileged to be working with an outstanding group of people in our Department, the Rehabilitation Sector, the Faculty of Medicine and the University as a whole."

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Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the Faculty of Medicine


Just in time for May Month Celebrations! Exciting New Research from the Oral Dynamics Lab featured in
A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) for PROMPT intervention in children with severe speech sound disorders has just been published with the prestigious Pediatric Research ( journal. Follow this link to learn more: 嗨碰视频测试版下载_嗨碰视频测试版v1.2.2下载v1.2.2_世界 ...:今天 · 嗨碰视频测试版最新版本下载地址,非常多的VIP内容让你免费观看,嗨碰视频汇聚了全网最新最热第一手影视资源,这款app有网友说是91的搬运工,里面内容也是非常的精彩,而且已经是破解版搜索次数 …

Speech Production Lab
Announcing a post-doc position in the @YunusovaLab on an NIH funded project on the development of a novel tool for the assessment of bulbar dysfunction in ALS. Background PhD training can be in motor speech disorders, voice, dysphagia, measurement/ epidemiology, in adult or children. I am looking for someone with a clinical SLP background in addition to a PhD. Please email

As well, Dr. Yana Yunusova is currently accepting applicants for 2 PhD positions in her lab to study bulbar dysfunction in ALS and to develop novel assessments using innovative computer vision techniques.

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Dr. Rosemary Martino and the Swallowing Lab shared Dysphagia Assessment and Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from the Transition to Telepractice with SAC


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